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About me

My name is Alexander. I'm Diafan programmer. I have industry-specific education and certificates in different spheres of web development. I've been specializing in Diafan programming since 2011. You can be interested in my services as I'm a full stack Diafan expert.

Key focus - full development and modification of Diafan templates and also programming and modification of Diafan components.

Daily range of tasks - templates according to the requirements of the customer. I also have an experience in integration and development of new components and templates in Diafan.

Collaboration without any middleman

I work directly with a customer. My motto is: "Exact deadlines and high quality execution". I take even small tasks with a small budget. Flexible approach to financial opportunities of the customer.

If you have a task, you can send it to my Email - info@aachibilyaev.com or contact me, filling the online application

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  • Adding a feedback form to the site (order a call, ask a question)
  • Integration of widgets in Diafan
  • Development and modification of Diafan templates
  • Adaptive slicing of templates due to layout
  • Integration HTML code to Diafan
  • Modification of Diafan templates
  • Integration of components
  • Modification of Diafan components
  • Increase website loading speed
  • Setting of server hardware
  • Integration with 1c
  • Upload of shop in trading markets (Yandex.Market, Google Merchant, Torg Mail, ebay, VK)
  • Error fixing
  • Development of Diafan components
  • Integration of payment services
  • Integration of delivery services
  • Technical audit of the website
  • SEO audit of the website
  • Solution of tasks under requirements of the customer

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I work only on the basis of 50% prepayment
"Payment after", "Let's pay as the customer will pay", etc. are not accepted. It is simpler for me to refuse, than to indulge in vain hopes.

What if I am not able to perform work?
I will return prepayment. It is simpler to return money and honestly admit that you can't fullfill the task, than to spoil the business relations and lose the following requests. As a rule at elaboration of a technical task it does not happen like that, but you never know and can't say for sure=)

Performance of test task
I can make a test free of charge if it takes 20-30 minutes. If test takes more time and efforts, it should to be paid.



  • Approximate understanding of the final result
  • There is a description of task
  • There is an approximate budget
  • There are prepared accesses and information concerning the project
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Hours Rate/hour
less 10 hours 1 000 RUB/hour
>10 hours 900 RUB/hour
  • There are terms of reference concerning the project
  • Tasks are structured
  • Project manager estimated tasks
  • There is a budget for works implementation
  • Accesses and all information on the project are prepared
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Hours Rate/hour
less 3 hours 1 800RUB/hour
3 to 10 hours 1 500RUB/hour
10 to 40 hours 1 300RUB/hour
>40 hours 1 000RUB/hour

Payment methods

I accept payment via the following payment services:
*Please leave a comment with details (from who and for what)

7 925 328 87 37

Sberbank VISA
4276 3802 6064 2298

Sberbank VISA
phone number
+7 925 328 87 37

Wallet in RUB
+7 925 328 87 37

Wallet in RUB
+7 925 328 87 37

Wallet in RUB
+7 925 328 87 37

Wallet in RUB
+7 925 328 87 37

Wallet in RUB
+7 925 328 87 37

Wallet in RUB
+7 925 328 87 37

Work with ltd.

There is also an opportunity to work in frames of Ltd company with 6% - concerning work with contracts I will make out you a bill, but take into consideration that cost of works will increase by 10% - it is tax and percent of withdrawal


Adress: 142400 142400 Russia, MO, Noginsk, 5, Kluchik St., office 47
Chibilyaev Alexander Albertovich
Business hours: Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.
Website: AAChibilyaev
Email: info@aachibilyaev.com

Skype: AAChibilyaev
Telegram: +7 925 328 87 37
Viber: WhatsApp +7 925 328 87 37
Phone: +7 (495) 166-78-92
VK: vk.com/aachibilyaev
Facebook: facebook.com/AAChibilyaev

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